CEO Nick Herle Of Heli Aviation Florida LLC Donated $25K And Helicopters To Bahamian Communities Hit By Hurricane Matthew

Nick Herle is the Founder and CEO of Heli Aviation Florida LLC. He is also an experienced Pilot and continually strives to use his companies for forces of good.

Niclas Herle (8)

Niclas Herle is the founder of six companies. He uses aviation to make a positive impact when and wherever he can.

Niclas Herle has six businesses, which include:

Heli Aviation Florida LLC, Heli Aviation Holding LLC,

Heli Aviation Holding II LLC, Diamond Helicopters LLC, LLC, and flyVENTURE LLC.

Nick Herle offers helicopter services from his companies to aid those during their time of need. He also helps disadvantaged neighborhoods, local and nationwide.

Nick Herle aims to serve everyone he can.

Along with his helicopters, Nick Herle will also send cash donations to communities needing disaster relief.

In 2016, devastating Hurricane Matthew left several areas with catastrophic damage. Hurricane Matthew was the first Category 5 Atlantic hurricane since Felix in 2007.

The Bahamas was among the areas critically affected by Hurrican Matthew. Nick Herle sent helicopters and a donation of $25K to aid Bahamian communities.

Niclas Herle received a Presidential Letter of Appreciation for his relief efforts.

Now and in the future, Nick Herle will continue to do what he can to make a difference in the lives of others.

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