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Niclas Herle And Heli Aviation Provide An Important Wildlife Management Tool For The Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission

Niclas Herle started his first company at the young age of sixteen. His specialties were to produce mobile radio services for planes and public authorities. Niclas Herle has a life-long goal. He started it by developing affordable and professional radio communication for everyone. No matter their financial status. Although Niclas Herle is now in the aviation industry, his goal of helping everyone […]

Nick Herle Of Heli Aviation Florida LLC Developed An Innovative Aerial-Saw To Keep Communities Power Lines Safe

The founder of Heli Aviation Florida LLC, Nick Herle, surprised several utility companies. Their shock came after he approached them with an innovative idea. The utility companies response was, “You want to do what with a helicopter?!” What Nick Herle was proposing was to create the “Helisaw.” He wanted to connect with these companies to do something good […]

CEO Nick Herle Of Heli Aviation Florida LLC Donated $25K And Helicopters To Bahamian Communities Hit By Hurricane Matthew

Nick Herle is the Founder and CEO of Heli Aviation Florida LLC. He is also an experienced Pilot and continually strives to use his companies for forces of good. Niclas Herle is the founder of six companies. He uses aviation to make a positive impact when and wherever he can. Niclas Herle has six businesses, which include: Heli Aviation Florida […]